Downloading TNM Programmer Update  Version 10.89 – JAN 11 , 2021   (32 Mega Bytes)  in a few Seconds ...

If Download Doesn't Start Automatically Please Use the Following Link:

TNM Programmer Upgrade file Direct Download 

After Finishing the Download , Please Close Programmer Software & Run the Downloaded Upgrade.exe file.

History of Changes      


Model 5000 Device List      

Model 7000 / 7000E   Device List   

ECU and Car List for Model 7000E


USB Driver Installer for Windows7,8,10 (32-64) TNMDrvInstall.exe MD5=88a0733c167d9263fe0376005243efd7   

Schematic and PCBs for some of TNM Adaptors and extension boards:       

Setup file for complete installation: