TNM 7000 Universal Supporting more than 25000 new devices.
Automatic device identification.
Digital IC tester.
Fast 48pin zif programming up to 15MB/s.
Supporting windows xp/vista/7/8/10 (32bit-64bit).
ISP &JTAG connector.
USB2 high speed.
USB powered.
Gang option.
TNM7000 ECU-KIT CAR PROGRAMMER TNM 7000E 5-in-1 CAR Programmer
Universal programmer: Supporting 25000 Devices (Flash NOR/NAND/SPI , EEPROM , MCUs , CPLD and EMMC)
ECU-KIT Software : ECU , Immobilizer, Dashboard programming through JTAG /ISP/BDM /GPT. OBD Cable Downloading.
ECU Remap software: ECU tuning + checksum calculation.
CAN Analyzer software: for diagnosing CAR CAN-BUS problems and reverse engineering.
80 Msps /20 MHz -1 channel Digital Oscilloscope: Optional Accessory board + 8 Channel 200 Msps Logic Analyzer.
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